Safe Traveling for the Holidays

Safe Traveling for the Holidays
With our snowy and icy nights in Boston, winter is no joke. Driving under the influence with a combination of icy roads can be dangerous for all parties involved. So why not skip taking any risks this holiday, and get yourself a holiday treat by hiring out a vehicle with Roman Limousine

We will happily escort you to your holiday destinations, and we take pride in the fact we can deliver you, friends and family safely during your holiday celebrations.  We have luxury party buses and limousines that you can rent with friends and family for the holidays that have the top drivers who will make sure you arrive home safely.
We understand that budgets can be tight during the holiday season, but there is a great way to save on the bill. To make the limousines more affordable is to agree to split the bill with your friends. It is a lot cheaper for a group to rent a limousine or party bus than it is to rent a fleet of different taxi rides, if you are splitting the bill with a handful of other people. Even if you will be footing the bill yourself, Roman Limousine offers great party bus rates and limousine rates.
So whether you want us to take you to a family reunion, game, a night on the town or even our special Christmas light tour, we’re here to accommodate you. We have the best limo rates in Boston. Our great party bus rates are some of the best party bus rates in Boston. Our limos come in 8-10 capacity and 10-16 capacity. Any number of people above 16 will need to consider a Party Bus.
The Perks of Renting a Party Bus or Limousine
Our customers always rave about not having to look for parking in Boston when we take them into town. When you drive yourself into Boston proper you’ve got to deal with parking, which can be very expensive and time consuming. Not to mention it is very cold walking to and from your parking spot and destination. Collectively the inconvenience and meter costs are a lot more than splitting the bill of a limo or party bus.
With Roman Limousine you will not have to worry about any element of transportation of all. Our door to door limousine service will pick you and your friends up, so no one needs to fret about driving home. With group transportation the party starts when you all pile into the car.
Our fleet is decked out to the nines in latest features, and we keep everything in top quality condition. On your holiday adventure you will not just being getting a ride, you will be riding in luxury. We know that getting a limousine or a party bus is a big treat for most of us, and we want to make it a night in Boston that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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