Friday, February 15, 2013

Prom 2013 – The Roman Limousine Way

Proms are exciting events. It is one of those gatherings which makes high school life a worth remembering one since it is usually held almost at the end of the senior year. It is a night of dances, fun and excitement. Prom Kings and Queens are selected during this night. Some students may have prepared for this event all their life prior to this night. They have a vivid idea of a magical night, where the doors to becoming adults are opened in front of them. It is indeed, a night worth preparing for, and one which needs careful planning. It only happens once in a life, but the memories can either make or break a person’s life.


As parents, you may have experienced that same kind of thrill when you were once high school students. Based from that experience, you know what else can be done to make your child’s prom an even better one, if not perfect. So, now you decide in helping your son or daughter in every bit and pieces of the planning part. Your help in choosing the right coat and tie for your son, or the perfect dress for your daughter. But one more important thing that should not be neglected is your child’s transportation to the prom. Limo service is on the top of the list of the best ways to arrive at a prom with glamor. We, at Roman Limousines offer prom limo rental services fit for your needs.

It is the start of 2013, and prom season is just around the corner. In order to get the best deals available on our 2013 Prom Limousine services, make sure to make plans way ahead and book in advance in order to get an early bird discount with us if you rent a limousine or a Prom Party Bus Limo by March 15. Planning to avail of our Hummer Limo Prom services can surely give your child a gallant entrance. However, if your child plans to go to the prom with a group of friends, availing of our Party Bus Prom services is also possible. In this way, the expenses of the rental services may also be distributed among the parents of your child’s friends.

 Take note that attending a prom is not something which happens every day. It has to be special. Therefore, it is really of utmost importance to find the right limo company which offers the best limo rates. When visiting our page at, Hummer Limousine Service as well as PartyBus Rates for the prom season is only available on the prom page. Please be sure to check out the best offers that we have. Now, all you need to do is schedule the limo service. The prom night is certainly going to be a night worth remembering. However, when details like transportation and safety is not planned well, things can go awry. Therefore, you need to sit down and talk with your son or daughter, and their friends on how to have fun on that night without sacrificing their safety.

By Reva Brooks 

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sporting Events Limousine and Party Bus Rental

In Boston we are known for of our history and nightlife, but more importantly, we are known for our fiery support of our sport teams. There is nothing like going to a Patriots, Celtics or Bruins game in Boston to see the magic up close and personal. The stadiums are filled with energy from our spirited Boston fans that makes our games unlike any other stadiums in the United States. We’re loud and we’re proud of it.
There is only one downfall to seeing the game in person, dealing with driving. As you may know the worst part of driving to and from a game is dealing with the insane traffic and crowded parking. With a sporting events limousine rental you can let us worry about the traffic and parking while you live it up in the back our luxury part bus or limousine.

Roman Limousine service will pick you and your friends up door to door. After that you’ll be worry free as long as you are in our hands. If you want to celebrate after the game, we can take you to some of the best night life in Boston. After a Boston victory the town gets quite lively to celebrate our team’s successes, and our drivers know some of the best places in town. 
We want your business and at the same time support our favorite sport teams. For that reason we’ve thrown in a special deal for sports fan, we offer 10% off sport eventslimousines for people who are attending a game. Roman limousine wants to do their part to help fill the Boston stadium seats come game day. Don’t worry, you can still get the discount if you not a Boston fan.

The Best Limo Rates and Party Bus Rates in Boston
All of our impeccably maintained vehicles come equipped with a very professional and well-dressed driver to take you around town. Our drivers know the Boston city better than most people, and we assure you that you will be on-time to the game.
We have a fleet of limousines, Lincolns, Hummerzines and Party Buses that will fit any size group that you may need. For big groups, 18 to 24 members, make sure to ask about our great party bus rates. We have many vehicles that can fit the needs of smaller groups of 16 and less. Make sure to ask for our state of the art features in the vehicle you’ll be renting.
We are one of the top ten group transportation in the Boston area, and we take pride in doing our jobs to get you, friends and/or family safely to and from the game. Please consider Roman Limousine services for your next trip to the game, we will make it an unforgettable experience.

By Holly Williford
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